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Sarah Walker, Ph.D.
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Empower Yourself to Change!
813 W. 11th Street
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Empower Yourself to Change

Are you seeking a satisfying and meaningful life with healthier relationships? Having trouble creating the life you really want to live? 

You need both support and the right tools for change.

Contacting a therapist is a first courageous step toward:

  • understanding yourself and making healthier choices;
  • creating more loving relationships while handling conflict positively; and
  • empowering yourself to work through symptoms (such as depression or anxiety) that keep you "stuck"– as if you are just waiting for your life to get going.

I provide individual and couples counseling for adults.  I am conveniently located near downtown Austin, near 11th Street and West Avenue.  Please explore this website for more information on me and my services, or call (512) 627-9633



Because therapist/client "fit" is essential for healing, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to consider if I am the right  therapist for your needs.

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Sarah Walker, Ph.D. 

813 W. 11th Street,  Austin, TX  78701

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