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Counseling for Couples

Think Your Relationship Might Be in Trouble?

  • have you stopped talking and listening to each other?
  • feeling unsupported or misunderstood?
  • missing emotional or physical intimacy?
  • worried that the fighting is effecting your self-esteem or your kids?
  • feeling emotionally abused or constantly criticized?
  • has there been lying or cheating?
  • wondering if you should stay or leave?

Couples counseling can help you address these problems and regain the connection and zest in your relationship.  I use research-based methods to improve communcation and relationship health.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

All couples experience conflict or feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration at times.  But a healthy, emotionally intimate relationship can bring a sense of security, enjoyment and fulfillment:

  • the freedom to be your own person, while staying connected to your partner
  • room for your own interests along with shared activities together
  • communication based on respect and understanding of each other's feelings - even when your opinions differ
  • strategies to solve problems so that you both feel like partners in the process


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